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Monthly Club Meeting

Join us at our Monthly Club Meeting, TBA at 7:00PM at the Paddington's Pizza, 5255 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR. This meeting will be to discuss Explore Oregon 2020 and plan some future events for the remainder of this year. Please RSVP for this meeting so we can make the appropriate reservation.

Saturday Morning Coffee

Join us for coffee every Saturday morning at 9:00 for coffee and camaraderie at the Subway at 5765 Commercial St SE. We are trying to be more organized about taking a drive after coffee, so watch for details about planned Saturday morning drives here!

Explore Oregon 2024
"The Premier Summer Miata Tour Event"

July 11-14, 2024

"EXPLORE OREGON” is an annual premier summer event, organized by the Willamette Valley Miata club. Be prepared to enjoy some of Oregon’s most beautiful and historic scenery and explore the awesome back roads of the Northwest corner of Oregon as we spend an incredible weekend exploring the Tillamook area.

Tillamook -- Our destination

The city of Tillamook is the county seat of Tillamook County, Oregon, United States. The city is located on the southeast end of Tillamook Bay on the Pacific Ocean. The population was 5,231 at the 2020 census.

The city is named for the Tillamook people, a Native American tribe speaking a Salishan language who lived in this area until the early 19th century. Anthropologist Franz Boas identifies the Tillamook Native Americans as the southernmost branch of the Coast Salish peoples of the Pacific Northwest. This group was separated geographically from the northern branch by tribes of Chinookan peoples who occupied territory between them. The name Tillamook, he says, is of Chinook origin, and refers to the people of a locality known as Elim or Kelim. They spoke Tillamook, a combination of two dialects. Tillamook culture differed from that of the northern Coast Salish, Boas says, and might have been influenced by tribal cultures to the south, in what is now northern California.

Captain Robert Gray first anchored in Tillamook Bay in 1788, marking the first recorded European landing on the Oregon coast. Settlers began arriving in the early 1850s, and Tillamook County was created by the Territorial legislature in 1853. In 1862, the town itself was laid out, and the first post office was opened in 1866. The town was voted to be the county seat in 1873, and Tillamook was officially incorporated as a city in 1891.

During World War II, the United States Navy operated a blimp patrol station near the town at Naval Air Station Tillamook. The station was decommissioned in 1948, and the remaining facility now houses the Tillamook Air Museum.


Shilo Inn _ Tillamook

We will be using the Tillamook Inn, in Tillamook, as our base for the weekend. All rooms are $139.00. Please call 503-842-7971 and tell them you are with Willamette Valley Miata club to make your reservations.



Room Type

All rooms are $139.00

You can make your reservation directly with the hotel at 1.503-842-7971 Please request the Willamette Valley Miata Club rate. This will ensure that you are charged properly.

Costs: $140.00 per person ($260/couple) - Explore Oregon T-Shirt, Saturday Dinner Banquet, attendee pack with event stickers, maps, schedules and more!

If you would like a polo shirt instead of a t-shirt, add $10.00 per shirt.

Sign Up Now:


968 Eisenhower Drive NW
Salem, OR 97304


Explore Oregon 2024 Registration

Completed Registration forms can be emailed to
Registration Options

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Welcome Reception and Registration 5-8PM

This is where you will pick up your event swag, sign-up for drives and get a more in depth overview of the weekend. Plus, it will give you a great time to socialize and meet other people from other areas that all have the same interest – DRIVING OUR MIATAS ON THE TWISTIES!!

Friday, July 12, 2024

Just a fun day of driving the backroads that we have scouted out and have determined to be the most fun.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Another great day of driving is planned for today also. In addition there will a dinner banquet this evening, beginning with a social hour at 6 and dinner at 7.

More information will be posted on our website and emailed to all those registered.

* Chris and Karen McCarty - WVMC
* Mark and Debby Hamlin - WVMC
* Jeff and Karen Ridenour - SOCALM
* Maurice and Erin Tiano - WVMC
* Lew Potts and Nancy Chouinard - Sea to Sky Miata
* Mark and Jamie Kozlevcar - SOCALM
* Maury Fugitt and Sandy McKnight - PSMC & CMNW
* Ken and Stacy Hurd - San Diego Miata
* Bruce and Pam Hamer - SOCALM
* Don and Lisa Asperger - SAMOA, WVMC, & SOCALM
* Dennis Seilar and Kirsten Odegard - SOCALM
* Clayton Smith and Karen Chrysler - Club Miata Vancouver Island
* Mike and Joanne Markowitz - SOCALM
* John and Kimberly McCarthy - SAMOA
* Tye and Kelli Fountain - WVMC
* Walter Hapay and Laura Goebel
* Michael and Mary Chiang - Sea to Sky Miata
* Howard Replogle and Marilyn Clark - Club Miata Northwest
* Martin and Brenda Van Munster - Sea to Sky Miata
* Dee Dahlke and Duncan Johnson - PSMC and Club Miata NW
* Stephen and Valerie Boycott - Club Miata Vancouver Island
* Stephen and Nico Tran - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Adam and Ila Kane - PSMC and Club Miat NW
* Randy and Carla Steine - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Alex and Caroline Crowe - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Trish Cashin and Dave Case - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Karen Burkhart and Danny Irvine - Club Miata Northwest
* Michael and Diane Korotkin
* Kenneth Korotkin and Jo Mariani
* Steven Haney and Mikayle Stole - WVMC
* Ross and Nancy Scott - PSMC
* Stu Warlow and Glad Rycroft - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Ed DeLach and Patty O'Hearn - PSMC
* Bruce and Pat Ellis - Club Miata Vancouver Island
* Scott McDonald - Puget Sound and Club Miata NW
* Richard Taylor - San Diego Miata Club
* Steve Norris and Nita Sell - San Diego Miata Club
* Jim and Deb Perdue
* Richard and Melissa Chester - San Diego Miata Club
* Ian and Colleen Swanson - Club Miata Vancouver Island
* Allen and JoAnn Hare - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Kent and Susan Hocevar - Sea to Sky Miata
* Gene and Matthew Streeter - San Diego Miata Club
* David and Pamela Hunt - San Diego Miata Club
* Randy and Jan Terk - SAMOA
* Ken and Yvonne Smith - Windy City Miata Club
* Jennie Digilio and Jay Greening - Club Miata Northwest
* Lynn McKenna and Linda Beatty - Redwood Coast Miata Club
* Steve and Laurie Waid - San Diego Miata Club
* John Alger - Club Miata Northwest and Puget Sound Miata
* Zeke Taney - Club Miata Northwest and Mt Hood Miata
* John Eliopoulos and Valeria Almeida - Club Miata Vancouver Island
* Ray Wong - Club Miata Vancouver Island
* Ron Branam and Cheryl Johnson
* Susan Graham and Guest - WVMC
* A.J. and Vickie McGranaghan - Puget Sound Miata Club
* Patrick McNulty - Club Miata Northwest
* Michele Autore - Club Miata Northwest
* Ben and Katrina Stanton
* Darlene Emerson and Carrie Pederson - WVMC
* Jeff and Karen Dunning - Club Miata Northwest
* Larry and Laura Cogdell
* Gary and Carol Holm - WVMC
* John and Marji Conn - SoCalm and Puget Sound
* Yvonne Shimek - Club Miata Northwest
* Greg and Susan Naive - WVMC and Mt Hood Miata Club
* Nader and Nevada Blair
* Chris and Eric Jones - San Diego Miata Club
* Karen Payne - WVMC
* Jerry Thalmer - WVMC
* Dennis and Maryanne Garon - San Diego Miata Club
* Colin Davenport and Teri Hyde - Club Miata Vancouver Island

"*" - Indicates Paid

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